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About Me








More than anything else, I love stories, people, good wine and great food.

I was born in the Bustan Hagalil, a village in the Galillee. The mobile library that came to the village once a week was the source of masses of stories I read as a child, each story facinated my imagination and captured my heart.

Over the years I came to live in Jerusalem and was exposed to the wine world. Travelling in Europe made me fall in love with the food and wine of Italy, Spain and France,

but I realized that out of all places in the world, I love my city - Jerusalem - the most.

It is an inspiration to me, to my cooking, to my stories and to my way of life in general. in 2010 I decided to follow my heart, and so I took all my loves, and bundled them all up here, in AMECHAYE.






The word meaning in Yiddish - delightful, joyful and soul-pleasing



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