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Birthdays and  Other Celebrations

It may be that during your trip you are celebrating the birthday of your child.
If you want to dedicate two or three special hours to it for him or her, let's make a little celebration around a theme he or she particularly likes: princesses and knights, pirates, and even more special themes, for example: Indiana Jones, Catan and Harry Potter. Exams for Gryffindor in Jerusalem include turning gravel into chocolate and fighting Voldemort. You will never forget it!
If your child is a "foodie" we can combine a cooking class as a theme to the birthday: Top Chef, Knife Fight and so on.

You can take an interactive part, for example being a teacher at Hogwarts, or just watching your child smile and have fun.

Another suggestion is the "The Amazing Race" game in Jerusalem. The whole family has to decipher clues, answer puzzles and complete tasks. This activity is especially suitable for a Bar or Bat mitzvah.

I would love to talk to you about your child's birthday!

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