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It is recommended to start the workshop at the Mahane Yehuda market (depending on your free time), where I will introduce you to my good friends, the ones who keep the freshest fish, the old and quality meat, the best cheeses and juicy fruits.

We will go to the market together and get to know each other, decide on the workshop menu and buy groceries.
And let me be clear - you will get tastings in the market, and a lot.
From the market we will drive home. The workshop starts with a glass of wine, and only then will we start working. You will decide whether we will cook from the Mediterranean cuisine, or concentrate on one country, you may actually want a vegan or sweet or Ashkenazi workshop. Whatever you choose suits me. I love to cook everything.

The workshop combines doing and fun, lots of laughs with seriousness. Throughout the workshop I teach and explain my cooking principles, relevant techniques and secrets. And the last hour of the session is devoted to eating, drinking and stories.
So what did we have? Market, Tasting, Wine, Cooking, Learning, Dinner -
I like it. And you?

Cooking Class

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