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Come for a culinary tour of the markets of Jerusalem, go back with inspiration!

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Come with your best friends, with the kids or alone.
I promise you a different, exciting, interesting and most importantly - delicious tour!
Come home with fascinating and useful knowledge, wonderful seasonal recipes.
And most of all - with a special, enriching and pleasurable experience.


I have been touring the markets for 12 years, keeping up to date with new trends and tastes, studying and wanting to tell.

Mea Shearim, Mahane Yehuda Market or the Old City - I invite you to come and taste divine bites, hear fascinating stories about and learn about the culinary diversity of Jerusalem.


Who am I?
Iris Saraf - your culinary expert.

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Lets tour
Mea Shearim

We will be hosted for a few hours in the parallel reality of the famous ultra-Orthodox neighborhood. Realities and flavors that have been preserved for centuries, and accompanied by the soundtrack of the dominant language - Yiddish, forget for a moment that you are in Israel. The culinary offerings on the Jerusalem Haredi street are not large, but the flavors are wonderful.

Taste cholent, coagulated leg, soup with kneadlech, Jerusalem kugel and potato kugel, old-fashioned lynches, perfect herring, challahs from 150-year-old ovens, lakach and more.

* Please note - the tour requires modest clothing and lasts between 2-6 hours.

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Lets tour
The Old Town Market

We will listen to the bustle of the market, relish the smell of spices and stews and the sight of seasonal vegetables and special herbs.

In this ancient market we tasted the unique things of Jerusalem, as they tasted centuries ago: fresh tahini from the crushing stone, Turkish oven pastries, patties stuffed with hobiza and sumac and more.

We will meet special people, art and local stories about the beautiful Zinab, the donkey of the glorious Suleiman and David Lugassi who moved the Western Wall to Tel Aviv.

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Lets tour
Mahane Yehuda Market

The market that offers something exciting in all seasons. We will hear the wonderful story of the market restaurants, we will sit over a glass of wine in the lovely corners hidden in it, we will taste London and we will discover how loans and vaccines are related to the market.

All this is done when we taste wonderful hummus, secret cheeses that are guaranteed a funny tour, eye-opening and most of all delicious and enjoyable!

300 NIS for a tour per person

Leave your details and I will get back to you:
מעוניינים בסיור ל
סוג הסיור

Thank you, I will get back to you as soon as possible!

יאללה באים
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Iris Sharaf-Reinharts Phone 972.544.850.881 | Email 

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