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Culinary Out Of The Cities

In these tours we will get to know the spirit of different farming communities in Israel. These are personal encounters with farmers and creators that open a small window to the worldview, way of life and doing. in other words I would call it - beautiful Zionism.
In each of these areas we will tour between wineries, Olive Press houses, sustainable farms, organic and social farms, dairies and more. We will talk about Terroir (a French word to describe an agricultural area on soil composition, weather, natural and mineral growth), hard work and clean air. Everywhere we go we will collect delicacies that become a picnic in a beautiful piece of nature. I prepare the picnic in advance, or with you, using all that the great outdoors has to offer us.

Where can we go? To the mountains of Jerusalem, Elah Valley, Jezreel Valley, Hefer Valley, Western Galilee, Upper Galilee or Golan Heights.
Duration of the tour: five hours to a full day

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