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Lokum, the special Turkish sweets, were invented in the 18th century in Istanbul. They become popular in the entire Ottoman Empire, including Europe and our region (as a "Turkish delight"). The legend tells that the Lokum was invented after the Turkish sultan complained that he was tired of eating hard and "tooth-breaking" candies . When looking for a substance that would soften the candies, they found the masticca to be especially suitable. The Lokum is made of cornflour, sugar and masticca. Some add glucose and some add various flavors. Imad prepares a natural and preservative-free Lokum. Here we offer Lokum with pomegranates, roses and pistachios


By the way, the origin of the name is probably in the distortion of the name in Arabic: rahat al-hulkum which means "the satisfaction of the throat". I hope your throat will be pleased

Lokum With Pomegranates, Roses and Pistachios

  • Keep in a cool dry place for up to six months. Please do not store in a refrigerator.

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