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Real treat for foodies and lovers of Jerusalem: the best ingredients and tools for those who appreciate uniqueness.
A beautiful tray, coffee with cardamom, crystalline sugar and finjan - so you can make coffee like in Jerusalem.
Dates, Leder and Nougat, which you will serve next to the coffee.
A copper-plated Siniya, make a Siniya dish of meat or fish, and sesame oil and pomegranate concentrate to season the dish in them.
Recipes, dibs and spices so you have the perfect holiday meal.


the package contain:
Serving Authentic Tray

Copper plated Siniya (Special pan)

5 apricot Leather rolls

5 nougat sweets

500 ml tahini

250 ml pomegranate concentrate

250 ml liter dibs

Finjan for coffee

100 grams of Sanduka coffee

Crystalline sugar 4 spices 100 grams each

200 gram barhi dates

Olive oil soap from the old city


The Perfect Gift Box

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  • As you probably know, Perishable products cannot be returned. Nevertheless, if you are not happy with your order, contact me. All products other than food can be returned or replaced within 14 days after receiving.

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